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The Internet-of- Things is complex. A successful project requires extensive, broad sets of expertise to come together seamlessly. The puzzle starts with device hardware and firmware, and continues with network connectivity, custom applications, and platform integration. It gets further complicated with data and business insights. IoT has already enjoyed a next-big- thing status for several years now and all signs point to continued growth as homes, cars, and nearly every piece of hardware in our lives gets connected.

But that doesn’t mean the industry isn’t facing challenges. In fact, rapid growth and its status as the new kid on the block, make IoT perfectly poised to face big challenges in the years to come. What’s more worrisome in the long term is the unsolved issue of fragmentation within the industry. There are thousands of devices — with new products launching every week — and very few of them can communicate effectively.

It’s in everyone’s interest to solve that problem together, the temptation of becoming the hub for all connected hardware in the future is too good for many brands to pass up altogether.