Robotics is concerned with automated systems and their use in the manufacturing industry. Students in these courses learn how to build small robots and to program them to perform simple tasks. They also learn troubleshooting and blueprint reading skills.

Centre of Digital excellence is an instructor based online training organization which highly concentrates on exploring basic knowledge on electronics and robotics. In the course of duration, you will have complete hands on training in building application oriented robots.

Code is focusing on engaging dedicated trainer who stays online to help and solve your queries instantly.

Some of the Projects developed during online trainings are

  •  Obstacle Avoider
  •  Line follower
  •  Bluetooth Controlled Car
  •  Smart Dustbin
  •  LED Cube

Robotic Engineering Online Course: In this course, the student designs and constructs a robot to complete simple tasks online. Students will learn how to program robots for various work.

They survey the programming needed to make a robot identify an object, pick it up and move it.