CODE deploys its focus to convert an innovative idea into the reality solution for the benefits to the industry & society with means of its two pillars :

  • Learning and Education
  • Research and Development

The firm foundation of above mentioned pillars is “AUTOMATION

CODE” is taking the initiative for Young minds to create Miracles all around GLOBE through ROBOTICS EDUCATION and engaging the talents to be a part of RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT team to be a part of automation industry in its respective fields.”

All the projects which is a part of curriculum in education is originated with a “Spark of idea of automation” and then well tested in Labs to establish JUSTICE to students pursuing for education.

We develops embedded projects and apply artificial intelligence on to it, to head it towards Thinking Machines. Then Frame an inter-networking of physical devices using internet of things to collect and transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to- computer interaction.

As a scientific endeavour, MACHINE LEARNING grew out of the quest for artificial intelligence. Probabilistic systems were plagued by theoretical and practical problems of data acquisition and representation and hence inhibits characteristics of IOT. Therefore with machine learning, above stated real life problems of automation is handled out in our research labs.

For Redefining Comfort, Personification of machines is carried out in labs and generated BIG DATA is stored and accessed remotely and feasibly. Focus areas are project areas including GPS TRACKING and SURVELLIANCE and many safety, health and military related real time projects.